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Level 2 Award in F-Gas and ODS Regulations - Category IV (2079-14)

Unit 2079-401

The Online multi choice assessment is made up of 16 questions and you have 35 minutes to complete it. The result is either a pass or fail, the exact percentage of correct answers required to attain the pass mark is less than 100%, and based on the questions answered correctly within each of the eleven sections covered.

Unit 2079-402

The practical assessment covers a range of activities which must be completed within a period of 2 hours. All practical tests must be successfully completed within the time frame to be awarded a pass.

If the candidate does not pass both units they are deemed not yet competent. Candidates that are not yet competent can re-take either, or both, the theory and practical assessments. The practical assessment must completed again in its entirety, candidates retaking this assessment cannot undertake only those aspects of the practical assessment where they were previously unsuccessful.

Underpinning Knowledge

Candidates are required to;

Cold burns


Thermal decomposition

CNS effect

Cardiac sensitisation

Practical Skills

Candidates are required to;

City & Guilds 2079 Category IV