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We offer a set of three courses primarily aimed for technicians in the transport refrigeration industry, which are ideally suited to form part of an apprenticeship or to further the knowledge and experience of technicians already in the work place. In order, these courses cover refrigeration, electrics and finally service & maintenance. Although built as a set, any of them can be taken as an individual training course. Each course has a ‘follow up section’ for the technician to continue his/her learning over the months following the training course to be conducted in their own work place.

For technicians new to transport refrigeration, we run a short two day introduction training course. This course gives an overview of the industry and runs through the basic principles of refrigeration.

We also run short training courses for managers and office administrators, which again gives an overview of the industry, the basic principles of refrigeration, the types of equipment used and common problems.

In addition, specific courses can be written the suit the exact requirements of individual companies.

Transport Refrigeration

Transport Refrigeration Courses